Myra Call

Dear Mike,

Thanks so much for the call to check on us.  I actually had intended to call you and thank you again for meeting us.  It really helped me tremendously.

As for the car, well, I think “WOW covers it.  I could not believe the difference when I drove it.  How many people actually buy a car without having driven it?  I guess I may be the first you know.  You may think this was a little strange.  But I had done my research well and have had a Ford Escape for many years.  I was reasonably sure that it would drive as well as my old Escape and that alone would have been sufficient for me.  When I drove home, I felt like I was driving a dream car.  The car met and exceeded all my requirements for a vehicle.  The ride felt like the car could drive itself.  Let’s just say, I love it.

Please pass along my thanks to everyone who made this a pleasant and simple process for me.  And I thank you for all your help, especially for meeting David and me on the road to make the purchase an easier experience for me due to my current back issues.

Myra Call